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Gaye is a Fantastic Reiki Master/ Practitioner; she has treated me many times and each session has relieved my symptoms and given me an overall feeling of well-being. Not only is Gaye a master of Reiki, but she genuinely cares for her clients. My mother recently had major abdominal surgery in Waco, Gaye drove down and performed reiki on her along with some colorpuncture treatments, while she was in the hospital. My mother who is a nurse, has never had a reiki session or colorpuncture before and was astonished with the result. After the session, there were marked improvements in her vital signs. The nurses who observed the session are working on setting up a room at the hospital so Gaye can travel to Waco and do reiki on them. My mom left the hospital several days sooner than expected and I believe without a doubt that Gaye played a big part in my mothers speedy recovery. If your not one of Gaye's clients, I honestly believe you should have a session and see for yourself. Thank you Gaye for being so committed to what you do.  

Mike  Wallis - Booth, Tx.


My introduction to Gaye was a God send. My emotional, spiritual, and physical well- being had deteriorated. I was deflated, dehydrated, desperate. Introduced by a friend that day, I was welcomed into her calm, cozy space where a heated table was waiting for me to rest my body and soul. While in her care, I relaxed into a state of nothing less of Nirvana. The light therapy (Colorpuncture) was my first treatment. The experience was overwhelming as my tears started, crying out loud and the anxiety that had been consuming me dissolved into laughter... I never opened my eyes the whole time I was having several different kinds of Healing Hands Therapy. Through my closed eyes I could tell the room turned a radiant pink!  It felt like LOVE...I was lost in a world of freedom and serenity. When Gaye touched me, she touched my physical pain and my emotional pain. I walked away from her studio with a new outlook and understanding of my sorrow and anger I had held in, that was literally making me ill. I have gone to see her several times and reffered family and friends and given her (as gifts)  for Christmas love presents. What a Gift..What a Gift!! Some people are given special talents to hold Gods Love in their Healing Hands....

Linda R.- El Campo, Tx.

I made an appiontment at Healing Hands Wellness Studio because I believe in the healing value that Gaye's services provide. I was so excited to know that she was so close to me and that I didnt have to drive to Houston to recieve these specialized services. I decided to get the "Works" package which included a little of all the services she offers. It was 2 hours of true healing energy and bliss. I left feeling transformed- stress free, completely relaxed, and with a feeling of well- being that lasted for days. I definitely want this to be a regular appointment for me.

 Adonna  Braly- El Campo, Tx.

I can't explain the feeling of Peace and relaxation that comes over me after receiving a Reiki treatment from Gaye. If I am experiencing stress or anxiety or just a general imbalance, I know that a treatment from Gaye will relieve these symptoms. Gaye is an amazing and caring person who truly has mastered this Holistic treatment. Her colorpuncture  treatments are equally amazing and there are treatments for EVERYTHING with Colorpuncture! If you haven't experienced a  treatment from Gaye, I highly recommend you make an appointment today.

Monica S.   Lake Jackson, Tx.

AWESOME!!!!! Looking forward to my next treatment!!

Terri M. -  Huntington, Tx.

My sister came to see Gaye for pain she had for the last 10 years,  Needless to say, she was blown away at what she felt after being treated..... PAIN was GONE!!!!!..... Can't say enough!!!

R.W. - Angleton, Tx.

Fantastic Place!!! I had never had Reiki before,I decided to get the Works pkg. After my treatment with Gaye, I thought to myself " that was the best treatment I had ever had in my life!!" A compassionate and good person, Gaye is a Reiki Master who has a true gift for spiritual healing. Once you have a session with her you will keep coming back. After treatment I felt rejuvenated not only in body, but in mind. I highly recommend this place..... 5 stars!!!

 Douglas D.- Fulshear, Tx.

Gaye is AMAZING!!!! She treats my dog for hip joint pain and overall joint pains that come with aging. My dog LOVES Gaye and whenever she sees her coming she knows she is going to be able to run again because of the Colorpuncture. Morgan (my dog) knows when Gaye takes out her tool kits, she puts the hip that hurts towards Gaye. She gets so lively and happy after Gaye does her treatments. I honestly thank God for helping my baby to feel better.

 Janet Siple & Ms. Morgan- Angelton, Tx.

This woman Is A God send!! Gaye helped me with my diabetes, my blood sugar, my low-T,  My stomach issues, my arthritis and all the aches and pains that I had for many many years. I just figured I had to live this way, Then I found Gaye, She helped me with several different treatments and different modalities. I can honestly say, I have my life back. I am feeling good in all areas of my life again. Gaye has a very special talent, a God given talent... Thank you again for helping me get my life back.

Darrell W. - East Bernard, Tx

Gaye did reiki and some colorpuncture on my chihuahua - she had a cyst on her stomach and was going to have to have surgery to have it removed. I was scared for my dog because she is so little. After 1 treatment with Gaye, to my amazement, the next day the cyst/tumor had shrank tremendously.. Over the next two days it was completely gone!!! I called and cancelled the surgery, and my baby girl has been fabulous ever since. (that was two years ago)   Gaye is so gentle with animals and with people, She is a God send... Thank you Gaye.

 Sarah Dumas- Houston, Tx.